Hello friends, today Ukraine wants to report on what is happening here. Unfortunately, the war continues, and we continue to pray and be useful, to spread the Word of God. We continue to issue food packages to IDPs.

Dozens of people come to us for help every day. People need help, many people have been evacuated and have nothing at all, so we try to give food, basic necessities, and children’s food. Together with help we always give more children’s Bibles, prayer books, and the Gospel. Many families with many children turn to us, who now find themselves without work, without money, without any means of subsistence.

But God gives us hope, so we started Happy Time for the kids. In wartime, this is very difficult, because of the siren sounds, and when the siren everyone has to hide in a bomb shelter. Sometimes the program is very long but brings a lot of happiness to children. The program, as always, has an interesting play where we teach children to live according to God’s commandments. There were almost 250 children on the last project. In the end, all the children received Bibles and notebooks with a golden verse. We are very grateful to everyone who helps our Ukraine, many people get tired and sometimes give up, but we are so grateful for your support.

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