Hello everyone from Kenya! The past week has been another very busy one. In the child sponsorship project, I now devote a lot of time to tuition fees and school attendance. This week we managed to bless one school with a set of textbooks for TEACHERS! Imagine, even teachers do not have textbooks!!! Thank God, we were able to serve the directors and teachers, talk prayed, and presented a gift! God is good for good deeds!

I processed a lot of photos of those children whom we support and who have sponsors! Children not only attend regular school, but also children’s or teen meetings in our church! Where we teach to serve the Lord, learn His truth and strengthen four faith! Pray and enjoy His presence! And also, children and teenagers come to our Art Center and learn art and creativity with their own hands! We continue to feed 121 people EVERY DAY! These are children from dysfunctional families or incomplete and large families. These are the elderly and the disabled! Prices have risen a lot and so far, there are some difficulties in the project! But! Thank God for $30 a day we feed 121 people with a hot dinner!!! And we don’t want to stop! We believe that the Lord will fill! Children, orphans, and widows are in a special place with the Lord! We bless you in prayer! We value your trust and service to us!

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