Congratulations, friends, thank God Ukraine is in touch. Thank you for your prayers and support, we continue to serve, help, and bear witness to God’s Love. Now people are very open, they love to take literature, pray, and listen to the Word of God.

Our IMOCE center continues to receive transit people for the night, feed transit groups hot lunches, evacuate, and issue food packages.

People who come to us in transit are now mostly from Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In Alexandria, 13 thousand refugees have already moved, in the area almost 30 thousand and in the region, more than 80 thousand. Now we are trying to help people, to issue food packages. We maintain a database where we regulate the issuance of packages and registration of where people came from. Along with groceries, we publish children’s Gospels for children and prayer books for adults. People not only need food but also need essentials. Many people who come to us have been sitting in basements for a long time, so they come with a fever or have burns from shells, so they are very grateful for the medicine.

The day before yesterday a woman came to us only in a dressing gown and slippers, a shell hit her house, she ran out of the house only in what was. God saved her life, but everything else burned down, so we had to dress a woman.

Our team in Balta also serves IDPs – delivering food packages, caring for the disabled, and preaching the gospel

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