Children’s center “Nadia” city of Lubny. Disabled children, children from large families, and children, who were forced to evacuate from the occupied territories and war zones. Thanks to your help, the children feel comfortable and gradually move away from the horrors of war.

The Saturday children’s club at the Lubensk children’s social rehabilitation center “Nadia” is not only recreation and entertainment, but also considerable development: moral, physical, and intellectual.

This time, thanks to the Christians of the “Revival” church, the children (immigrants, from large families and those who found themselves in difficult life circumstances) learned an interesting and instructive story about the Jewish woman Esther, who was not afraid to stand up for her people.

And also – molded animals from plasticine, played fun moving games, treated themselves to cookies and cola, chatted, listened to good music, and sang songs.

We thank the benefactors, thanks to whom these wonderful Saturday meetings take place for the benefit of children, for the glory of the Lord and for the sake of the future!

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