For 9 months now, our project “Little Mom” has been living, we hope temporarily, in Germany in the small town of Bad Liebenzell.

As always, December is the hottest month for us, a lot of events happen every day.

In our city was held, and this Saturday the Christmas market -Weihnachtsmarkt. We took an active part in it. Children made crafts with their own hands.

Thanks to the IMOCE Mission and its partners for financial support, thanks to which we were able to purchase all the necessary materials for our crafts.

Also, at the invitation of the City Hall, our children baked cookies for this fair. We decided to donate all the money raised to children with disabilities here in Germany and thus thank this country for helping and supporting us refugees from Ukraine.

Thanks to the financial assistance of the IMOCE Mission to its partners and personally Anatoly Petrovich Kolomiets, the pastor of our ministry buys stoves for Ukraine.

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