Greetings, friends, we continue to serve in Ukraine, recently there have been major power outages throughout Ukraine because the power plants are being shelled, but we put our hope in the Lord, and we prayed that God would give us the strength to go through everything.
Therefore, thanks to your support, we want to share how our week went. Now we are trying to help refugees and displaced people, it is already cold outside and many of them have arrived in summer clothes, so we aim to provide warm clothes. Our volunteer center works to issue food packages and items. Thank you all for the containers you send to Ukraine!!! We can help both immigrants and other churches.
We continue to serve teenagers, every Saturday we have a meeting at the Teen Club Happy Time, despite the air alarms, the children come, and they say that they feel more relaxed in the prayer house.
We also visited children who are disabled, it is difficult to see how children do not walk, do not move, do not speak, but still, they are alive, Christ loves them, so we try to help with diapers and grocery bags.
Thank you, friends, for being with us, for giving us the opportunity to serve, and for supporting us in difficult moments of life! God bless you!

by Regina Pilipenko

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