Greetings dear friends, Bungoma, Mercy Home Mission!
In the orphanage, the period is now quite calm in terms of morbidity, there have been no mass outbreaks of typhus and malaria for a long time, so all the attention is on the new babies, which I wrote about in the last report. The kids are getting better and gaining weight. If at first, some had a high temperature and other signs of infection, now all this has passed, the kids are getting used to the new conditions. I continue to give daily massages to children with cerebral palsy.
We continue to serve the villagers – first of all, the members of the church. Every day we go around patients, examinations, consultations, and dressings. In recent days, the weather has been cold for our region, so more and more people are coming in for bronchitis and pneumonia.
Some patients with soft tissue infections require twice-daily injections in addition to dressings.
Two hours a day I receive patients from the village in our medical office.
Our region is endemic for sarcopsyllosis, a parasitic disease in which a flea deposits its larvae under the skin of the feet and hands, most commonly in children but occasionally in adults.
Last week we devoted one day to remove these parasites from the legs and arms of the children of our parishioners. A very long and painful procedure.

Thanks for your support! Blessings!

by Kirill

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