Congratulations, friends of Ukraine on the line, we have survived another terrible week. But God gives strength and we do what we can do.

We continue to issue food packages twice a week, especially to those immigrants who have just arrived and do not have any resources. People have a special need for blankets, as it is already very cold.

Together with the products, we give people the Gospel, because it is important for us to preach the Word of Salvation.

We continue to accept transit refugees, it is difficult to listen to their stories, and we cry with them. This time we have people who survived the occupation in the Tokmak Zaporizhya region. , barely left and moved to Zaporizhya, and now Zaporizhzhia is also shelled every day. Therefore, we continue to serve people, pray and help.

Now we are actively working among teenagers, the Teen Club Happy Time works, it is not just a place of leisure, it is a city where children learn to pray, receive psychological help, and talk about Christ and His love.

Also, this week, parcels with medicines were collected and sent to the front line. People need basic medicines for colds, the main battle, and wet wipes, many military units do not have medicines at all. Flour was also delivered to the frontline cities so that people could bake bread.

We continue to work among the disabled, or if there are disabled children, we bring them diapers, and food, and pray with them.

We want to thank all of you for your help, prayers, and finances! It is so important that we are not left behind, but see God’s blessing through each of you!

by Regina Pilipenko

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