Congratulations to everyone, Ukraine is in touch!

On February 7-9, a conference was held – a meeting of missionaries of the IMOCE mission in Ukraine, where we were able to receive a word of encouragement, guidance, interesting seminars, prayers, and communication. We are very grateful to Anatoliy Kolomiyets for bringing us all together.

And we continue to serve the forced migrants, no matter how hard it is, but people continue to evacuate to central Ukraine.

Every time we see pain, or tears, listen to people and try to help.

We continue to serve teenagers because this is the future of the church and it is important for us to preach Christ to children who are placed in unbelieving families.

We continue to visit old people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. We see a lot of pain…

We want to thank all of you for the great opportunity to serve, for your finances, and for your support! May God bless you abundantly!