Greeting! Ukraine reports on the week of service.

  1. Central region. Issuance of humanitarian aid. They distributed things for forced migrants and people who found themselves in difficult life circumstances.
  2. People continue to be evacuated to us in Oleksandriya, so we separately register and provide assistance to refugees. For them, on separate days, we give out: a kettle, a grocery set, a blanket, and bedding.
  3. We separately register and issue assistance to disabled persons – these are people who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances, usually those with many children, single mothers and low-income people.
  4. During the work of the IMOCE volunteer center, a lot of attention is paid to people who have lost everything, sometimes you just need to listen to people, pray, support them, do everything for psychological support of people.
  5. Berdychiv region. The resulting flour was packaged for distribution to IDPs, the poor, and those with many children
  6. Visited people with disabilities and provided them with wheelchairs and walkers.
  7. We continue serving the elderly as well as people with disabilities with a passenger bus, we take them from home to the service in the church and take them home, for which people are very grateful and happy that they are cared for in this way, because they really want to be with the people of God, in the House God’s

We sincerely thank everyone who supports the ministry in Ukraine.