Dear friends, Kyiv region sincerely thanks for the help for IDPs who have so far moved to Berdychiv district.

Everyone has heard a lot about Bucha, and Irpin, and these are the same people who escaped from hell from Bucha, Makarov, Irpen, and other villages where death and misery raged. There are those who ran away from the basements barefoot, in slippers, undressed, with small children. The chairman of the Village Council thanks. He has 2,200 migrants living in the villages. With your help, we made 130 food rations and shared them with the hungry.

Thank you, they bought food, made food kits, and distributed it to two communities: 2,200 in one of the displaced, and 7,000 in the other, internally displaced persons from the occupied territories. The leaders of the communities are very grateful for the help because now it is very difficult for them: they have to accept, give housing, at least a bed, feed, clothe, and provide psychological help, because people have gone through hell! We put the Word of God into food kits, which can heal the terrible wounds inflicted by the occupiers.

We help families raising children with disabilities. Such families are in a very difficult situation. She asked for humanitarian aid from volunteers coming from Germany. Added bread from Sweden (also shared by volunteers), and purchase products with the help of the IMOSE mission. This is how volunteers share with each other and help people who are having a hard time. We love God, we serve the People!

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