Hello everyone)) My name is Christina, I serve in Kitale, I am very grateful for the support and the opportunity to be here. The week started with a picnic for the teenagers of the Pefa church. First, planning and preparation. Then the picnic itself, at which I had the opportunity to tell my testimony and give a small motivational engine to the guys – “what do they want?” “What are their goals?”, “what they are already doing to make their dreams come true”, “what does God want from me personally”.

Together with my friend and Music Ministry leader David Lekh, we organized a trip to Eldored for a worship group. We visited the Recording Studio, where the guys had master classes on working in a group, individual Master Classes on the specialization of instruments and vocals, working on stage and with the audience, as well as the principle of leadership. It was an amazing experience and certainly a debut for our aspiring musicians. Thank God for this opportunity.

I took a photoshoot at the Embrace Street children’s center. Since the school is starting now, fresh, and bright photos are needed to apply for financial assistance.

We had a meeting with the worship leader. We discussed his plans for entering the role of teacher at the Music School. We defined responsibilities and discussed the strategy of self-development and the recruitment of new students for training. It was a very strategically important meeting for the future of the Music Ministry. Thank God for a new vision.

Thanks for support.

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