Ukraine continues to report in. We want to share the work happening in our IMOCE mission branches.

The team at the Baltic branch provides assistance to those in need, including disabled individuals and lonely elderly people. They visit most of them at home, providing whatever is requested whenever possible. Additionally, they continue repairs at the children’s center. Vitamins were distributed to people with disabilities in Balti, and they were very grateful. They mentioned that their pensions are meager, mainly spent on medications and essentials, including pain relievers. The vitamins are much needed for them. Food packages, diapers, diapers, vitamins, and seasonal clothing were distributed to adults in special need, chosen by large families.

Throughout the month, Happy Time children’s clubs operate weekly. In the Lviv region, in the village of Zabolotsti, a hospice is functioning where lonely elderly people reside. Also, a building is being constructed on the hospice grounds, preparing for a bakery where bread will be baked by hand. New benches with canopies and car awnings are also in progress.

We sincerely want to thank everyone for their help. Thanks to you, we can carry out this work in Ukraine! Thanks to God for each one of you!