Greetings to everyone! 👋😊
I’m writing to you from Malindi, Kenya.
I’m Marina Shkraba. We visited families, sharing the Gospel and providing food packages. We give Swahili Bibles and a book explaining the Bible. Last time, we visited a village where people said they had never heard of Jesus before. The whole family wanted to repent in the end. Every Sunday, we visit rural churches, supporting them with words and giving books to start their church library. A missionary specializing in Muslims visited us. In our children’s prison, there are also Muslims, and they were happy to talk to him. We also hold home meetings on Tuesdays. Huge thanks to Anatoliy, IMOCE mission, and sponsors! Thank you so much for your contribution to the salvation of these people! And for supporting missionaries so we can serve here! May God bless you all! 🙏♥️😊