Greetings everyone) Today is the report of Ukraine 🇺🇦, we want to tell you about the work that we can do thanks to you.

Thanks to the entire humanitarian department, the IMOCE mission team is actively working in the Odesa region and was able to deliver diapers to the Union of the Disabled.
Last week, we harvested corn for popcorn.
In the west of Ukraine 🇺🇦 there is another branch of IMOCE – Heart of the Son, a hospice for elderly single people.
Currently there are 22 elderly people living there and caring for them is very important and very difficult.
The old people have many diseases, weak bones, so they need very careful treatment, but sometimes there are unpleasant situations.
Every Sunday the Hospice holds a service because people need spiritual food and salvation.
Each haircut has its own story, but there are no people who cared about it, it is here in the hospice that they felt care and love.
Each of them needs our support.
We are very grateful to all of you for the opportunity to serve in Ukraine, to help others and not to mention to save them!