Greetings everyone 👋😊
This is Shkraba Marina writing to you.

I am sharing with you the latest news from the mission fields from Kenya, Malindi 🌍🛖
I have been home in Belarus for 2.5 months. Before that, I was not home for 2 years.
I got married, also to a missionary, but he is serving in Europe. Now we are going to serve together in Kenya.
We continue to serve in a children’s prison on a regular basis.
We visit poor families and preach the gospel. In the last 2 weeks 8 people have accepted Christ.
We helped pay for the girl’s 3 years of schooling and will pay the rest of her tuition within half a year. Her mom is not young anymore and is not able to pay her tuition. She was about to be kicked out of school.
She was ministering to the girls and her husband to the boys. Talked about spiritual purity, holiness, chastity in appearance…
Thank you so much to Imoce Mission, to all the sponsors who support the Kenyan missionaries!
We are so grateful that because of you, we are able to minister more fruitfully here!
You are part of our fruit! ♥️