Hello everyone from the crisis center “Little Mom” ​​from the east of Ukraine. This week we continued to serve God and people. For the first time, an evangelistic team came to the crisis center to show a Christian film. For us, this is a new experience to find yourself in a cinema without leaving the crisis center. Together with the organizers of the film, they took part in a master class on making origami. The children were captivated by this kind of art. Learned how to make pigeons.

Now, due to quarantine measures, they don’t go to school, for us, a children’s trampoline, which was kindly provided by the IMOCE Mission, provides us with real help in working with them. For children, this is a great joy and happiness.

Thanks to the IMOCE Mission and its partners, we were able to purchase food for the month of February. This will allow providing three meals a day for 30 people during the month. We continue to pray for transport for the work of our crisis center “Little Mom”, we have a huge need for it. We also pray for all areas of work of the IMOCE Mission, for all its partners, missionaries, and co-workers in the field of God. May the Lord bless each member of the group.

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