A big hello to all of our missionary team in Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Another bright week of the ministry of the Holy Spirit has passed! The joyful part of our ministry is hosting guests and mission teams. This week we had guests from Russia, wonderful ministers, and missionaries Alexander and Olya. Thanks to them for how they served the guys from the Year for God project.

Word, Prayer, and Prophecy in the life of every student! I feel and hear that the Holy Spirit wants to take His place in people’s lives. So, this week, at every service, I teach about the Holy Spirit and why we need to practice praying in tongues. This was the topic of the meeting with the leaders of the adult Homegroups. And also, the topic of the seminar for those who have been baptized with the Holy Spirit or who want to be baptized.

After the Sunday service, about 35 people remain. 5 more people were baptized! Also, in the youth ministry, we talked about the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives. The youth are hungry for God and He works. After the service, we prayed for the youth. God gave prophecies, touched the youth. The girl was freed from demons! All glory to our Jesus Christ!

We also prayed for people in the common prayer service, for those who are sick and weak. Of course, we try to visit people more wherever they are, as Jesus commanded us. I Visited Collins, encouraged him, and prayed. Ahead was a skin transplant operation.

We met Oscar, He is a graduate of our project “Year for God”. Serves the youth. She is currently practicing as a psychologist at the hospital. He is praised and wanted to be hired after graduating from college, where he studies through the Child Sponsorship program.

Visited a girl from our church. Her stepfather kicked her out of the house and she was kidnapped by a man who raped her. Now the girl is in an institution where she is protected until a trial takes place. Nobody hugged me so tightly, she was so glad to see us.

Also personally met with a guy who is trying to escape from the world. And with the leaders of the Houses. I believe that every meeting gives people a feeling of God’s love and care. Thank you that thanks to you, our hands and feet are free to go to them, pray for them, instruct and teach. Thank you for your participation in this ministry, financially and prayerfully! May the Lord support your hands as you support ours! God bless you!

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