Greetings, friends. Ukraine is in touch. We thank God for you, for your support and help!

The week has been what we call “hot,” with each day presenting a new challenge for fulfilling God’s work.

There is a war in Ukraine every day; our country is being shelled with grenades, bombs, and rockets. We live and serve by faith. Recently, more evacuees have left Toretsk, as it is being encircled. We pray that people can escape, and we continue to provide assistance at our volunteer center. We visited a heroic young man, Slavik Smyslov, in Uman. He was left disabled after being wounded at the front. He has a wife, two children, and a disabled mother. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide carpet and materials for repairs.

Many different organizations reach out to us for help, so we delivered aid to Pokrovsk, a city 20 km from the front line, where people still live. Many disabled individuals there need basic necessities. These people do not want to leave because it is very difficult for them, and they are asking for help.

We also have a celebration in our team: young members are being baptized. These are two young people from Donetsk region who stayed with the church and our team thanks to the support they received. On Saturday, they made a covenant with God!

We continue to serve in the Happy Time children’s club, where children learn about the Lord through art workshops and other interactive activities.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who helps, prays, and supports our ministry! We thank God for you!