This is an old woman Nadia from Sumy region.
She was born in 1932, when the Holodomor was raging in our country. Today
after visiting her, we realized,
She still has a different attitude and value of a loaf of bread 
God have mercy on Ukrainians. Another week, another month, another quarter has passed in the war for Ukraine.
The war brought a lot of pain, tears and deaths to Ukraine.
But despite the constant anxiety, shelling, air raids, and now another blackout, Ukraine is holding on thanks to Our Lord and the effective help of our friends.
Our bakery continues to bake bread “Victory” around the clock thanks to you, Anatoly Petrovich, IMOCE mission for your support in baking bread “Victory”
The photos and videos show how people receive spiritual bread along with physical bread.
I think that we will know the results of our ministry in eternity, because the Word of God is sown with bread and will grow in the hearts of people in due time.

We hug you with our prayers