Greetings, friends, Ukraine is on the line! Praise the Lord, we are alive, and by the mercy of the Lord, we can continue the work.
First of all, I want to start with a testimony.
Our central office is located in Oleksandriia, Kirovohrad region, the center of Ukraine. We often have air raid alarms because all the missiles and drones fly over us.
A few days ago, we woke up at night from a terrible explosion that made the walls shake. It was clear that a missile or drone had fallen.
Near our office, about 200 meters away, a drone hit near a nine-story building where our office is located.

In many apartments, the blast wave shattered windows and blew plastic off balconies. But thank God, the apartment where our office is located is intact! In the nearby apartment, there is no glass, but everything in ours is standing! This is the mercy of the Lord!
Only the mosquito screens were slightly damaged. Therefore, we thank those who pray for our branches in Ukraine. God hears prayers!
So we happily went to hold a children’s celebration for kids with disabilities. Fifty children gathered for the celebration; these are children with various conditions: Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, blindness. Mostly, these children are raised by mothers; most fathers cannot handle it and leave the families. But children remain children, and they love celebrations, hugs, and gifts. We continue to serve displaced people in our region, providing assistance, for which we are very grateful to the humanitarian department for the sent container. We provide help to other organizations. We were able to hand over part of the humanitarian cargo to the Pilgrim Charity Fund. We serve teenagers in the Happy Time teen club. Every time, the children find new answers to questions about salvation and Christ!