Greetings from Kenya from the Mission of Assistance. My name is Inna Merzla.
Many people come to the missionary base for help: to pay for house rent, food, medicine, and education. Sometimes it’s really difficult to help everyone. What is impossible for me is possible for Jesus. We help through the “Child Sponsorship” project to send children to school because their parents can’t afford the tuition. It’s a great responsibility for me when there are hundreds of children who need education in schools and colleges. It’s a great joy to give gifts to children who celebrate their birthday for the first time in their lives. For the locals, cake and soda are expensive. In Kenya, there’s a tradition of pouring water on the birthday person in celebration. But we have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus through this. White people are called “mzungu.” For children, it’s always interesting. The little ones are dressed in torn clothes. I always love praying for the healing of people, so that Jesus helps them with finances. Thank you IMOCE for your financial and prayerful service. We are doing this together with you! In our “Breakfast for the Elderly” program, there are 19 people who come to church at 7 AM for breakfast: tea or porridge, and an egg with bread. These are people with difficult histories. Along with this, they sing for Jesus and listen to the Word of God.