Greetings friends, we continue to serve in Ukraine, for which we are very grateful to each of you for your prayers and finances. This week we were able to purchase and pre-pack 100 grocery bags for low-income families that we plan to distribute in schools. In the village of Razdelnaya, assistance was provided to some families who were in difficult life circumstances. These are families with disabled children. We received need, where the mother of two children asked with tears.

“Hello, my name is Gonchar Natalya, I am a mother of two children. My daughter is a disabled child with cerebral palsy (hydrocephalus). We need help, we have an old house, they need replacement of windows.

Praise the Lord and thank you, now this is a family with new windows! We are grateful to all of you friends, for your help, for your finances that dream of the Kingdom of God! Thank you to each of you!

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