Greetings, friends!

Currently, Ukraine is reporting in (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). I apologize for writing to you so late, but the connection has just been restored.

Ukraine is being shelled again, targeting energy systems. In many regions, electricity is only available for two hours… Unfortunately, the war continues… But we are moving forward, praying to God, and thanking you for your support!

We received container #75 from you for which we are very grateful! Additionally, thank God, we were able to receive 11 pallets of dry soup. Also, thanks to our German partners, we were able to obtain baby food: mixes and cereals.

Thanks to God and to you, we now have a complete set for working with people. We have already started distributing everything to people in our volunteer center, which is based at the church. Therefore, people who receive assistance from us also receive the Gospel, prayer, and support.

Our ministry with teenagers continues. We conduct Teen Club Happy Time for them – a discussion space for teenagers. 90% of them are from non-believing families.

We started posting announcements on Instagram, and people started bringing their teenagers to our trainings. We continue to provide assistance through delivery service to various parts of Ukraine.

We are very grateful to you for your help, thanking everyone whose heart is open to Ukraine! May God bless you abundantly!