Hello everyone from Kenya.
My name is Natasha, and I have been serving on the assistance mission in Kenya, Kisumu, for 7 years now. I want to say a big thank you to IMOCE for allowing us to bless our 28 orphans with clothing. We buy second-hand but in good quality. The children were very happy. They immediately started sorting everything out, examining it. Whether it’s for church, for cold weather, or for running around in the yard. Thank you very much for such a blessing!

Another task of mine is to remember each child’s birthday and congratulate them. Currently, I am also conducting a student group. I am very happy because I see that they have started to understand the Word of God a little bit. Recently, we have been discussing the topic of the Gospel.

As I am the leader of the preteens ministry at church, I often start with the team to make presentations, write biblical stories, and come up with ideas for ministries. In the photo, I am checking Amy’s presentation and telling her to make changes.

For more than two weeks, we planned a joint preteens ministry event for our two churches. We prepared a Bible knowledge game and tried to make a small decoration. The game had different levels – general questions, guessing the story through pictures, questions of different levels of difficulty by categories, and teamwork to solve various tasks within a given time. I am with the preteens ministry leader at Kapote. Together with her, we fully developed this game. There were 4 teams – two from each church, with 10 preteens each. Everyone who participated in the game received a Bible and a sweet gift. The two teams that took first and second place also received hoodies and baseball caps.
Thank you very much for your financial support.

May God bless each and every one of you!