Greetings, friends from Ukraine 🇺🇦! Connecting with you, we want to share about our work in the south of Ukraine, particularly in the Odessa region, city of Balta.

With great gratitude and joy, we announce that we are already distributing humanitarian aid to those in need on a weekly basis from our mission office in Balta. Currently, we distributed aid to people with disabilities. People with disabilities have many needs; a large portion of their pension goes towards medical treatment, medications, and pain relievers. We had the opportunity to help them as much as we could, and they were very grateful.

Additionally, clubs are operating at the Happy Time Development Center. The English Club meets twice a week, Hand Made once a week, and the Interactive Club also once a week. The number of children attending each session is increasing.

We also sent charitable aid to a field hospital. Inna, a military doctor born in Balta, approached us. She told us that the location where they were stationed was heavily shelled, so they had to relocate. She said there was practically nothing there. They bring in wounded soldiers, but they don’t even have anything to change into or bedding to lay on. Nothing at all.

I am very grateful to the main office of the mission for the containers you send to Ukraine. Thanks to this, we prepared packages for them. We enlisted the help of our friends from Romania and together sent 500 kg of aid.

From container #69, almost 4 tons of medical supplies and aids for the disabled were sent. We passed a portion of this to the military administration of the Podil district. They, in turn, distributed it to hospitals and clinics where wounded individuals and military personnel can receive assistance and rehabilitation.

We were invited to an event where our mission was presented with a series of thanks. And for me, it’s an honor to say that what we did is only a small part of your great work, and those thanks are your merit.

Thank you, friends, for together we can do this great work! May God abundantly bless you!