Hello people and praise Jesus! I am Baraka and together with my family we serve as pastors in the slums of Kapuothe in Kisumu, Kenya in the church that IMOCE has been a great partner to and has continuously supported in different ways. We are blessed in this calling and in this partnership with IMOCE especially because we are able to share the gospel of JESUS to people and oh what a wonderful thing to see people’s heart turned to Jesus. We will relentlessly continue to preach the gospel of truth to, teach about Jesus and win more souls and make more disciples for Christ. I am happy to share with you what I have been up to in the past week or so. 

In the last week, our area has literally been under water because of the flooding. It is a sad situation to the people from the area because they become unable to even sleep in their own homes. The church has acted a refuge centre for a few of our people who have been able to camp there until at least the water recedes. Such is a story of a young couple that I had shared previously. They were in dire need of a new house since their own was already becoming submerged. Praise God that through our partners we were able to relocate than to better place and now they are quite safe from flooding.
I paid them a visit at their new house to pray with them and also to encourage them in salvation. It is beautiful to hear their testimony and speak about how much change the church has brought into their lives both spiritually and physically.

During this time I also had a meeting with these two people to counsel and to encourage them and build their faith too.

I had an opportunity to share the Gospel on invitation by our fellowship church. It is great to see how the body of Christ is all connected and how the Holy Spirit continues to work in the lives of His people.

I had a meeting with a young man who comes to our church. His story is a touching one and a testimony of what God has done for him. He is a total orphan who never got to meet his parents at and was only raised by his maternal grandmother. Sadly enough as he is getting older; he begins to suffer prejudice and discrimination by his own uncles who want him kicked out of the house.
We prayed together, encouraged him and trusted God together.

Our kids church is one of the largest ministry we have in the church serving about 350-400 kids every Sunday afternoon. The last couple of Sundays have been exceptional. Kids have the time to express themselves, listen to the word of God have fun and have something to eat before they go home. This is especially because of the fact that most of the children from the slum around come from homes that cannot afford even a single meal daily.

We continue to thank our partner IMOCE and those who through their commitment have given us an opportunity to serve the community through the feeding program. Now more than 120 people continue to receive hot meals every single day. A child, a mother, a grandmother, a grandfather can now afford a smile. We say thank you to everyone who supports this great project.

We are currently hosting a youth camp for all the youth who have been through our yearly project called Year For God. Over the past 5 years every year we have hosted school of ministry and Bible knowledge for these young people. Through this camp; they share about their ministries and why they have learnt and applied in life after the project. As a church and mission, we believe in discipleship; influence one with Christ so they can influence another and another and so forth.

Once again thank you IMOCE and all our partners for your financial support, prayers and good wishes. We continue to rise the banner of Christ through the church.