Congratulations! Ukraine is in touch. Today we are reporting on the work of teams across the territory of Ukraine for the past week.

Baltic region: The project “Christmas in every home” was completed. The essence of the project is to visit the homes of children who come to Sunday school. Their parents don’t go to church, so this project is a good opportunity to get to know their parents and establish a relationship.
2. We loaded a bus with food aid, which our partners delivered to Bakhmut and distributed to local residents who are unable to leave and remain living in a city that suffers from shelling every day.
3. The Berdichev region loaded and sent a minibus with humanitarian (food) aid to the front last week.
4. Hospice. Lviv region. Today we have 25 old men. They attend church every week. They listen to the Word of God. And we are happy that at the end of their lives, they came to know Christ.