Hello everyone from the equator. My name is Natalia Yevtushyk.
At the beginning of the year, I always have a big audit at the orphanage. I do calculations, I write Christmas reports to all the children’s sponsors. I look at who is left and whether I need to look for new people. I made financial reports and a shopping list for January. My daughter helped me.
We also completely changed the menu, shift schedules, and children’s responsibilities, and held meetings with almost all volunteers who work at our shelter.
From the first days of January, she checked the children’s readiness to go to school. We wrote a list of necessary things. Ordered a school uniform, and calculated the cost of education. And this week I already gave out the office so that the children could go to school. I collected 18 children completely, and only the high school remained.
Also, as always, every Wednesday we hold our preteens meetings. Our children always get something tasty. For example, at the last meeting, everyone received a banana, two cookies, and a drink.
I thank everyone very much for participating in the service of the Kenyan people. Thank you for your prayers and finances. May God bless you.