Greetings, friends, Ukraine is on the line, and we want to update you on what is happening right now.


The war continues, and every day we hear and see horrifying news. But we know that we need to keep moving forward, so our volunteer center continues to work, providing assistance. We send packages to the military because they are facing extremely difficult conditions – it’s cold, damp, and there are constant explosions on the front lines. They need our help. A state institution approached us for assistance, requesting diapers and devices for disabled individuals. Thanks to you, we were able to fulfill this request.

We hold meetings with teenagers, children from troubled families; our goal is to introduce them to Christ. From this group, some have transitioned to youth ministry, actively serving the Lord. Thanks to God and the “Bread of Victory” project, we can provide bread to the orphanage in Nova Praga, where children eagerly enjoy white bread. Every week, we deliver 100 loaves of bread there.

This week, we met with refugees from Chasove Yar, a town near Bakhmut. We were surprised to learn that families with children still live there under shelling. We thank each one of you for your help, finances, and support. Because of you, we can do all of this. May God abundantly bless you.

We thank each and every one of you for your assistance, financial support, and encouragement. Because of you, we can carry out all these activities. May God abundantly bless you.