Greetings, friends! Ukraine expresses gratitude to each of you for your incredible support! We want to share the work that our teams are doing in Ukraine, specifically in the Odessa region, in the city of Balta, and surrounding areas.

Every Saturday, children’s Christian clubs operate in Balta, based at the “Awakening” Church in a rented space, and in the village of Sinne in a prayer house. In 2023, we attempted to open various clubs, and six of them are running successfully: English language, Hey-Mate (a club in Balta), Cooking (conducted at the leader’s home due to limitations at the prayer house), Girls Learning Dough (teaching girls to work with dough and making pastries and buns for club attendees), Drawing, Vocal, and Physical Activities (conducted by three teenage girls).

Additionally, on Sundays in the village of Pishchana, we hold worship services and simultaneously run clubs in our classrooms. We provide humanitarian aid to the community, including food packages, diapers, baby food, seasonal clothing, and shoes.

We are preparing for the opening of the IMOCE center, working daily to ensure everything is ready. Much has been accomplished, such as installing ceilings, hanging lighting, preparing the floor for carpeting, and painting 80% of the facility. We are stay working on some decorations.

Also, Balta received the container that you sent us. We sincerely thank everyone who is helping, supporting Ukraine. May God bless each and every one of you!