Peace of God, dear friends, and co-workers in the field of God. It is very joyful to see in the group so many ministries of the IMOCE Mission all over the face of the earth. Our work in Ukraine is also supported by the IMOCE Mission. The Crisis Center for Mothers with Babies “Little Mom” ​​continues its work in the east of Ukraine. Now in our center, there are 8 mothers and 13 children, and soon there will be a replenishment – one of the women is pregnant.
In our crisis center, mothers with children live from 3 months to 1 year and it is a great blessing for us to provide the center with food. For a year now, the IMOCE Mission has been helping us every month to purchase the necessary food for mothers and children, thank you so much for this!
One of the tasks of the crisis center is not only to get to know our wards with Christ but also to help them find themselves in the church. Our task is to help them succeed as Christians. Often the women of our center attend women’s church meetings. Together with the women of the church, we are now carefully studying and analyzing the women of the Bible. It was also very pleasant for me to get in touch with other ministries of the IMOCE Mission and to help collect children’s candy sets for Mexico. This is an amazing and very valuable experience for me personally.
It got cooler and we started making dumplings again with moms to provide them with small personal finances and support them in new skills. We pray and bless all partners, ministers, and missionaries of the IMOCE Mission. A special prayer for the missionary group currently serving in Mexico. Blessings to all.

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