Precious co-workers in the field of God! Huge greetings and blessings to everyone from our mission, Dunga, Kisumu. We continue to work. Sow with tears and reap with joy. This week I continued to teach children from the “Year for God” project. Also every week there are meetings with those responsible for the Home Groups. Thomas and Oscar. Dealt with attendance. Reports are slow to run. I also met with two new leaders. She talked about responsibilities and their readiness. Glory to God He gives laborers. We also plan to split youth Home Groups.
Met with Shadrak. A very good brother. Takes one homework. Also this week two guys from Molodezhka were consulted.
Another meeting with Florence. When I was at her DG, I heard that everything was bad at home. I called for a chat. She cried a lot, said that her brother drinks and beats them. They prayed for her and this situation. The next day we visited her mother, talked to her, and prayed for her and her family. At the youth team, the girl was joyful, glad that I could serve them. The guys from the “Year for God” project are translating us, this is a good opportunity for them to see how to serve people personally. There was a wonderful worship service on Saturday where I talked about the importance of the sacrament

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