Greetings to all from the east of Ukraine. Our project “Little Mom” ​​is in a hurry to share its news with you and tell you about the Glory of God.

This week there were two children of the birthday at the crisis center. Nastya is 10 years old, and Dima is 3 years old. We arranged a real holiday for them with a feast and gifts. They prayed and blessed them on the New Year of life.

Vicki met with her youngest son Zhenya. For the meeting to take place, we had to go from Mariupol to Novotroetskoe (75 km). We had been preparing for the meeting for 3 months and they had not seen each other for the same amount. None of us knew how everything would go from the side of the child’s grandmother and dad, and we were preparing, to be honest, for possible difficult situations. In my practice, it is rare to find adequate adults who are ready to compromise for the sake of a child, it is worth a lot. The kid is very obedient, good, positive. I immediately went to my mother’s arms. Mom and I were allowed to chat with him, play.

We also brought the baby a winter jacket, boots, jeans, warm trousers with insulation, tights, socks, pajamas, shirts, and pears and sweets. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed on the next meeting, we believe and pray that God will help this family situation. Tired, but happy, we returned to Mariupol.

We continue to serve God and people. We pray and bless all branches of the IMOCE Mission ministry, blessings to all partners, missionaries.

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