African warm greetings from Dunga, Kisumu, Kenya. Another week of God’s work and glory! This week there were many face-to-face meetings with people, consultations, mentoring, and prayers. We continue to meet to personally communicate with the guys who want to go to the Bible School for 2 months. We talk with them about personal prayer, reading the Word, explaining how to live the Gospel.
One guy was baptized with the Holy Spirit! We were all inspired by meeting Sarah. We recently prayed for deliverance. She bore witness to joy, new relationships, and the experience of God. That ruined relationships with people have been restored! Thank God! Her life is a testament to the operation of the gospel. She had nothing, but now she has her shop, she sells vegetables and helps those who need help with food!
Another meeting with Lavigne. Her mother leads a very unclean lifestyle, not taking care of children. So much pain, unforgiveness. We prayed with her, forgave my mother. God gave her joy and freedom!
Another important visit. The guys are going to enter into an official marriage. But the grandmother does not allow, since, according to tradition, the older sister must first marry. Here traditions encourage sin and greatly complicate what the Word says about marriage. We talked with the guys, prayed. We decided to follow the Lord, not traditions! Also a wonderful event. There is a family where my mother is disabled, part of the body does not work well. I often dress her up, we believe in her healing. We rented a house for her, found sponsors for the children. But they didn’t have a bed. Thanks to the ІMOCE mission, we were able to buy a bed, mattresses, pillows, and a blanket for them! Thank you for your service and participation in helping the saints!
Conducted a lesson at the Bible School with the guys from the “Year for God” project. She spoke about the importance and priority of a relationship with God, a personal prayer so that ministry does not take this first place in their life when there is a lot of activity, but there is no thirst for God, no worship.
After meeting with the guys who want to be baptized in water. One of the guys, his name is Maxwell, shared his story. Because of his stepfather, he could not go to church for 3 years. Tchim drank, even attempted on their lives, once set them on fire. Mom left and left him, He lived with his uncle. Mom returned, and my stepfather began to threaten again. His uncle returned him to his mother. Hearing this, I wanted to cry and hug him, protect him. Now it is difficult for him to go to school. Previously, his uncle drove him, the school is far away, in the city. Thanks to the support of AMOCE, I have the opportunity to help. I decided that I would give him money for travel, it’s 15 dollars a month. It would be great to give him a bike!
We also had a wonderful prayer service for all ministry leaders. The pastor taught a minister about prayer. We must talk to God about Him, about ourselves, and others.
It has been a wonderful week. A lot of work and God’s glory. Thank you to each of you who serve and who support this work! May the Lord multiply His grace and His glory throughout the entire face of the Earth!

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