Now we are in the small town of Bad Liebenzell, 10 km from Calw. While we are learning to live in a new world for us, where there is a different language, a different mentality, no friends, and no church. So far, we have found a small church 35 km away from where we go by train.
This week we had two holidays – two birthdays. Of course, we tried to make a holiday for our birthdays: Natasha turned 10 years old, and Anna – was 32 years old, of course, not one of them thought of celebrating their holiday this way.

Young people from the local missionary school came to visit us. The guys came to study in Germany from different countries and visited us for the second time. Together we prayed and glorified our Lord.
Since we live in a women’s team, we often have to deal with non-female repairs. For example, yesterday the front doors were repaired. Now actively began to learn German. With children, we try to do it in a playful way. For example, with the help of plasticine, they taught the name of flowers in German.
Please everyone prays for Ukraine and especially for our native Mariupol. Now in our city, the situation is simply critical. The city is virtually destroyed. The Russians do not allow people to be evacuated to Ukraine, many are forcibly taken either to the DPR or to Russia, there are cases (I know personally) when people pass through Russian filtration camps or are in prisons. Transportable crematoria operate in Mariupol, so the Russian military wants to hide the real number of days because there are much more victims than there were in Irpen and Bucha. Until now, the city has about 130,000 inhabitants. All this is certainly a real genocide of the Ukrainian people.

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