Warm greetings to you from Africa, Kenya, Kitale. For me, the days pass very quickly, and the impression is that only yesterday, I shared the news. This week we conducted the following projects:
1. Slum feeding project: We spend time effectively with children, Bible lessons, and needlework.

2. We visit families from slums: We build relationships with parents/guardians of children and communicate with them, learn more about the conditions in which children live, and how they can be helped. We also try to talk about God and pray together.
3. Sunday School: The theme of this Sunday was “Noah and the Ark”. Teachers tried to convey to the children that God is serious about sin. How important it is to obey God, that God gives us the opportunity to be saved. We can be safe with Jesus. And for consolidation engaged in needlework.
I continue to help at the clinic. The clinic is held three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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