Two new families were added to the not forgotten project this week one of which was a young mom with two kids who just escaped an abusive relationship. We were able to bring some basic necessities such as food and hygiene products. When we were trying to interact with the kids we witnessed the damage that the abusive household caused to the children’s cognitive development.

We followed up with the women’s rehabilitation centers after the previous week’s services where they experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. Many girls testified that they experienced the presence of God and we were able to elaborate more on the topic of prayer and entering the presence of God. Such encounters help rehabilitants to personally experience God.

Per usual we had the kids ministry Tuesday and Thursday. Within the last several weeks we have noticed a significant increase of children coming to the kids program at the church due to the large event that took place October 31st.

The work is plentiful but the laborers are few. Praise the Lord, He sends out His workers into his vineyard. Many lives have been impacted through these ministries, thank you everyone for your support, prayers and finances. May the Lord bless every investor abundantly.

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