Hello precious. Here’s a bit of news on how we are here on a mission. When there are no services, I visit our children and preteens a lot, I want to be a part of their life … we delve into the needs, we inspire to trust God and run to Him! We pray together!
We visited the family, their mother left with their father for an operation, swelling of the jaw, the children stayed on their own, they are starving, so they helped with food.
Another family, their mother had been ill with malaria and at that time did not go to work, there is no way to pay rent, there is no food … so bring food and the Word of God! All the kids from our church!
Time of the Word of God. This time he is preaching YEAR FOR GOD. Everyone writes down because then they bring up this sermon at home. I love visiting with leaders, this is a special time when we get to know and communicate with parents.
AN EVENING OF PRAISE AND WORSHIP. A special and powerful time of contact with God
Precious is just a small part of what is happening here with us … so to see more, we invite you to join us, WELCOME. Thank you for your assistance and dedication over the years! Thank you and bless you!

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