I also want to tell you about the things we do together with you for the Lord!

I again took up the treatment of Fredrik. This boy fell ill with meningitis in June, and doctors treated him incorrectly for a long time (they treated him with malaria), as a result, large damage to the bone marrow. The boy was saved! But now there is a lot of work to restore. Mom and the boy have been in the hospital for more than 2 months. I inform you, that we pray. We communicate a lot. About the church, about miracles from the Lord, about faith…they, of course, were very tired! But let’s continue to stand in faith for the best for Fredrik!

We continue to feed people! Families came again asking to feed their children. These are grandmothers with their grandchildren. It is difficult to render and the project becomes •rubber•. The plans are to “clean up” the list so that there are those who are really hungry and do not eat. And how the new church opens, we hope the issue will be resolved and some people will be transferred there. Our kitchen is small now, and it is very difficult for one worker to cook on fire for 140 people every day. Bring water, chop wood, stir everything, and distribute! We love this project and believe that it fertilizes the ground for the gospel!

I also continue to support the school for children project. Checking attendance, progress, and needs. We buy and distribute. I do a report. Looking for new partners. And we are glad to hear good testimonies from children! How the church not only sympathizes with people’s needs but also acts and participates in people’s lives!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve fully and not think about finances! That you cover this need for our family! We appreciate and bless you in prayer!

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