Greetings to all from Germany from the city of Bad Lievense’ll, who have become our project “Little Mom” from Mariupol, a temporary shelter.

We continue to hold prayer services in our city for Ukraine for everyone, every refugee can come on Tuesday to one German church to pray with us for our camp.

Another amazing journey through the underground mines of the last century. This trip was made possible thanks to the fact that the IMOCE Mission is financially involved in our work and we were able to fill up the car and go there. We managed to send four children from our center to a children’s Christian camp!

Our pastor Alexander Matyushin continues to serve as a military chaplain in the front-line districts of the Zaporizhzhia region, the other day they distributed food aid to the residents of Marganets city, which is located near the city of Energodar.

We ask you to support him in prayer and the ministry that he carries out there with our Mariupol brothers. Also, every day we pray for you and all branches of the ministry of the IMOCE Mission, for all the partners of the Mission and its workers.

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