Dear ones, good evening! Thank God for this week! A wonderful event this week was the meeting of alumni and students of the “Year for God” project for three years. We did a field camp. Spent a wonderful time discussing who is a man of God, how to be a true Christian. When they returned, of course, meetings and personal communication.
This boy is a testimony of God’s work. As they say, they no longer believed in its change. But now he is changing a lot, comes with questions, reconciled with his mother. He lived with friends for several months. We prayed for his return home. Praise God for what He does in the lives of these guys!
There was a wonderful youth service on Saturday. The guys from the “Year for God” project shared their testimonies of how they now serve in their cities and churches. I shared the Word. While praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, many children accepted this gift. It’s been a great week! Glory to our Lord! Disciples are multiplying! Thank you for your participation in God’s work! Thanks to those who support me financially! May the Lord bless you abundantly! Thanks to the AMOCE mission for their support and care! Together we will learn the depth and breadth and height of God’s love for us and our people!

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