Hallo! Peace and grace to all from our Lord and greetings from our team in Kisumu, Kenya! Praise God for all that He produces in and through us. There were a lot of meetings this week.

Thomas and Oscar are local leaders in charge of Home Groups. There is always a lot to talk about service and their personal spiritual growth. Thank God they always listen to the correction with humility and gratitude, of course, I try to be very gentle, to treat them like brothers.

I really enjoyed meeting this guy. Often share the gospel, but many thieves. I explained the Gospel to him and gave some instructions.

We continue to work with Jarod. Wants to follow Christ. This week he came and repented before the team for the sins that he had committed against the Church.

Shadrak, this time prayed and forgave His father, who left his mother pregnant. He testifies how last time we prayed against the family spirit of fornication. Constantly struggled with this, with impure thoughts. Now he has complete freedom and looks at the girls like sisters. Thank God! We also went to youth prayer. 18 people came. It was a wonderful time.

We also continue to serve the Home Groups. We met with two more Home Groups.  They taught how a person gets into the Central Bank through the Gospel.

Saturday was a wonderful youth service. Answered questions about prayer. Then they prayed for the youth personally. They want to experience His love, His presence. Thank you to all of you who sow your prayers and your finances into this ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to serve these guys. May the Lord abundantly pour out His blessings and care upon you. We love you; we pray for you!

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