Kenyan Jumbo!!! Another week we worked with you in Kenya, in the slums of Dunga Beach! For 6 years, this is already a favorite place, a favorite home, dear people! God has a plan of salvation, there is good news for these people, and I thank you for sharing this ministry with us here! Not a week goes by that we don’t visit our people’s homes from church. We try to give the most precious time. Here people are especially deprived of this from birth. Babies are left alone at home, leaving for work. Kids, growing up, begin to survive and take care of themselves and the house themselves. No one is interested in their mood, state of mind, or interests. no one, not even the parents. . The institution of the family does not fully work in the slums, it does not exist. Children grow up, have children and repeat the mistakes of their parents. In such houses, there is poverty, spiritual, moral, and physical poverty. There was not yet a house where they would not want to receive us and talk. Many are afraid to speak… after all, no one has ever asked them!!! Often, when we visit homes, we cannot get by with sympathy. We are acting. For example, in this family, there are three children. Two older ones with physiological disabilities, the girl on the right also has a mental disorder. Pictured is a girl with her mother. The girl does not speak, she does not communicate with people. Their family slept on the floor. On a rag… like dogs, it shouldn’t be like that!!! We supported my mother, prayed, and donated mattresses. I believe in healing in their family! Support this family in prayer, the spirit of violence, fornication, theft, witchcraft, deceit, and illness has no power in their lives! Jesus and His blood! Only He is the living water!!!

There are more than 500 children in the project sponsoring a child. I know almost all of them personally and well. Often sponsors of children give cakes on their birthday, and I am glad to be a part of this joyful event! I have communication with the child’s sponsor. Buying a gift, congratulations, and then a report. Thank God that through this we can tell people about how attentive God is to them!

Now there is a big economic crisis in the child sponsorship project. If earlier we could help parents pay for school and everything they need, now this is not possible. We will not be able to buy notebooks, shoes, and backpacks this year. However, the project remains “difficult” for families who cannot afford to buy 15 notebooks or $20 shoes. So now I spend a lot of time on social media. networks and open fees for notebooks, shoes, and backpacks for orphans and large families where a single mother or grandmother is. We want to help these families!

And I will share with you a prayer need! We need a miracle! Healing! God’s touch, His wind! Pictured is Quinta. Two little kids. Member of our church. Serves in the women’s ministry. We’ve known her for many years. For the past three years, she has suffered from kidney pain. After a long and expensive examination, it turned out that only surgery could help her. And even with insurance, this amount remains unrealistic for us!!! 6000$!!! For her, it’s fantastic. It’s unrealistic for us. She understands it. But God is alive. I want to pray for her, for her family! I want to ask you to pray for her, at least once! If not a miraculous operation, then a miraculous disappearance of stones! Well, God still performs miracles today!

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