Greetings from the Equator! And today we cover the neighboring slums of Nyaland and the neighboring village of Kapuote! Thank God. It is far from an easy task to raise local disciples, but we are trying and she is from the teams in the children’s church, ready to start the ministry!
Of course, it’s time for the children’s church in the week. A Bible lesson in the mountains, namely about the Ten Commandments. Precious MISSION IMOCE, thank you for this help with products, for our children …. they all live in slums, without electricity and water … for example, the family lives only with dad, mom ran away long ago.
Leadership in preteens ministry, in turn, the guys prepare a message and presentations (of course, with our help, since many do not even know how to turn on the laptop. Result – A scene from the ministry after the sermon. After the service, there is always a lot of communication and consultations with preteens, in different ways problems, needs, and sometimes just sharing testimonies.
With Nick for a YEAR FOR GOD, Preparing craft for 500 children. This is Monica in a carriage, her mother abandoned her at birth and her sister could not give up the baby and took her to her … today from neighboring, but not close slums, these children regularly go to the children’s church, and we helped them with food thanks to you Imoce mission!
Thank you, precious ones, for your support and service to this LUA tribe, and us as missionaries! I bless you and pray for you.

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