To all the workers in the Field of God, great greetings from me and our mission in Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Most of my ministry is teaching. I spend a lot of time studying topics that I teach in Bible school or leadership. I find video tutorials, books needed for ministry. I have already bought and study lessons for Domashek prince. We also continue with the guys from the “Year for God” project the theme “Guidance of the Holy Spirit”, which is necessary to hear God’s voice. They listen to video tutorials, then discuss. This week our Tanya, who serves in the medical clinic, was not there. Therefore, some of the people accepted me.
We helped this woman rent housing in our area and found sponsors for her children. She is after an accident, her arm does not work, she is limping and the wound on her leg does not heal. I process every day. Mom came, both boys are sick. They did a test for malaria, gave me drugs. Another family. Everyone is ill, cough, fever. They gave me medicines and a small ration.
We continue to meet people. A young mom came up at the youth team. Can’t forgive the child’s father. Wants to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but fear gets in the way. I called for a personal meeting. Thank God He gave her freedom and baptism! Friday is a day of fasting and prayer for the Church and the mission. We pray for a new level of walking in the spirit, the ministry of the Word and Spirit. I ask you to pray for supernatural wisdom in serving people. It is so responsible to instruct them correctly in the faith. Every day we rejoice for someone and we are upset for someone.
Oscar is the leader of youth Domashek. I am glad that he is growing and taking care of his leaders. Attends homework, corrects leaders. This is very valuable. Came to give an account of the ministry. Thank you for your support! It is very valuable and important for me to be here and painstakingly work on every vessel of God, patiently waiting for the fruit. Thank you that thanks to you, this work is being done. God’s blessings to you!

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