Greetings! On our mission, a joyful event is the wedding of a missionary, a member of our team! We, the team, as her second family, tried to help in everything!!! Last week was especially busy with preparations. Unbelieving relatives arrived, and many guests. There was a lot of communication and testimony. The sister of the bride, a Muslim woman, said in tears before leaving that she likes being at our base so much and she likes the work that is done here. And she would like to be a Christian too!

Our whole church was invited to the wedding! And it was so nice to see how our elders and youth were preparing, and even prepared gifts. We know that many of them are starving, but they have prepared the most valuable thing! For example, they gave a kilogram of sugar. Here, not all families have the opportunity to buy sugar.

I continue to work hard on the child sponsorship project! The first semester is coming to an end! And we have not stopped for a day in this project, despite the many difficulties in connection with the war. The Lord is Good and gives miracles and care to these children and me! As a human being, I wanted to be famous and close the project when the war started. Thank God that they did not do this and now I thank God for these happy eyes.

Our prices have gone up on everything. Our people from the slums did not show off anyway, but now they are often starving again!!!! Once again, teenagers and mothers began to come asking for help with food. We know that they work hard and hard, but this is not enough even for food for the whole family. A teenager came and asked for half a pack of ugali (cornmeal), I got a little angry … it was also a day off. He humbly said, okay, we’ll wait another day. It turned out that they had been drinking only tea for two days at home!!!! Only tea for two days!!!! How the Lord convicted the heart of hardness!!! Help with food! And we pray that our warehouses will always be full of good deeds!

Thank you for your support for us! We need prayers! In your prayer rear for us, for our people we serve! Thank God for you! Appreciate and welcome!

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