Congratulations to all from Africa, Kenya and Kitale. This week’s news is:

  1. Child feeding project. Because we have cold and constant rains, we replaced the cold for children. Thanks to God and the people who supported us financially, we were able to buy warm clothes for our children. Today we dressed 53 children. Thanks to Andrew and Christina for their help. I do not know who was more pleased, we give or children receive) We continue to visit families in slums.
  2. Sunday school. The theme of this Sunday was the birth of Isaac. What God has promised, He will surely do in due time, we need to trust Him.
  3. Clinic: Fighting the problem that often occurs in children, It’s a bagpipe. I don’t like to hurt anyone, but in this situation, I reject all my girlish emotions and do it. Sometimes of patience and pain, but the child will remain with his fingers.
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