Greetings from Kitale. Some news of the week. I did several shoots:

  • container roof construction
  • hiking in the slums of Shima
  • Sunday School

One of the joyful events of this week was a response to the story of a family from Shima – a dad and two sons)) The three of them sleep on the same mattress, which could not leave me indifferent … After shooting and several stories, before reaching the house, the finances for one mattress.

Started developing a project to help people in the slums, one of the stages of which is teaching people to protect themselves and their homes.

I am preparing a flyer design that we will distribute in the future in Shima and, of course, on Happy Time projects)) The final bright event today was the help on the Feeding project. Dressed 53 children, Thank God!!! Thank you for your support!

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