Hello from Kisumu!
We try to communicate a lot with people, find out how they live and their plans for the future. The topic always comes up about salvation, Jesus, and the destiny of man. About the important things in this life.
After such meetings, it is especially joyful to hear the testimonies of people. We, as a church, help poor people here a lot, for whom neither relatives nor the state care. We feed someone, help someone with medicines, with payment of rent debt or help with school fees. All this is just social assistance, but this is a great opportunity to serve people in word and deed!
Sometimes you have to help “work”. Teaching people how to keep track of finances in roadside fruit sales… unfortunately, many of whom we serve cannot read or write. And often their “business” is at a loss. I held meetings “on business”, although I don’t understand sales at all! God gives the wisdom to explain simple things so that our ladies can provide for their families.
Thank you for supporting labor in Kenya!!! May the Lord multiply your own finances!

by Sidorchuk Vlada

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